is a women empowerment platform, which creates space and tools for women to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have.
A unique gift for
yourself or your loved ones, with purpose & impact
This agenda was designed, in order to give you a tool, a daily, a weekly and a monthly process, which can help you on the journey towards your coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams and goals, by becoming a trusted friend to keep you on track.

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Stories from programs
I believe that being part of WoWoman movement has been one of the essential moments in my life. It's my secret tool to personal growth and achieving my goals. After this program I got super motivated and brave enough to make some fateful decisions in my life.
Nazira Teymurova
"Fundamentals of Happiness" program participant
Wow, I haven't even noticed how these 3 hours flown.
This event was a real discovery to me and now I'm working on my own project based on learned essentials. It is great to have WoWoman platform in Azerbaijan and I would like to thank the team for creating such a great community.
Konul Mammadli
"Essentials of Project Management and Problem Solving" program participant
I'm an IT teacher in Quba, but to improve my skills and to be able to teach my students better, I moved to Baku, I rented an apparment and I took part in Tech Tech xanim summer school. I will make sure that this course has helped not only myself, but also to dozens of my students, to whom I will be passing the knowledge.
Lala Hasanova
"Tech Tech Xanim" coding summer school participant
It was my first event with WoWoman after project #Qorxmasaydım and I was amazed by all the energy coming from both trainers and participants, by their willingness to get out of their comfort zones and by how strong WoWoman's voice is in the country. The impact on girls' confidence after WoWoman programs and events is incredible.
Turana Huseynli
"Entrepreneurial mindset" program participant

125 events and trainings
What our trainers & speakers say
Mihaela Noroc
Founder of "Atlas of Beauty
Bucharest, Romania
WoWoman is on such an important and challenging mission and it was amazing meeting your community in person. Keep empowering!
Kamran Aghayev
Head of Database Administration at Azercell, Oracle specialist
Baku, Azerbaijan
What I love most about WoWoman is that they don't just talk about women empowerment and education, but they actually make things happen. Creating real impact one city, one event, one program, one life at a time. Grateful for having a chance to contribute and share my knowledge with their community.

Tatyana Kanzaveli
Founder Open Health Network /
500 start ups mentor
Silicon Valley, USA
It was so pleasant and easy to work with WoWoman. The team is very professional and passionate about their work, which can be seen from the quality of events & programs that they organize. Beautiful work, love being part of this!
Online Community
In just 5 months we've created a strong community of over 10.000 members, who now can have access to dozens of webinars and most importantly can communicate and create together. Incredible, literally life changing stories have already emerged from this group.
Stories from Online Community
WoWoman group members
We have self-organized FREE online and offline language courses where girls, who meet each other via WoWoman community study, practice and provide support to each other to improve our foreign language skills.
Girl from Community
I have decided to end my abusive marriage, took children and moved to Baku, where I gave myself a second chance. I will be now studying in university and plan to be a teacher. Thanks to WoWoman group, I now know that I'm not alone and that I deserve more.
WoWoman group members
Thank you so much for organizing all those webinars every week with such inspiring speakers. I am watching every single video until the end, and I have already learned so much. I started using online education much more and thanks to WoWoman have finished already 5 courses on Coursera with certification.
Global Expansion
Put your city on the map & Empower women to follow their coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have.
Over 6500 women have enriched their lives through WoWoman programs & events. In order to bring this opportunity closer to every single woman around the world, WoWoman invites you to join our fast growing global movement and become a city director!
What does it mean to be a WoWoman City Director?
I can't put any price on the feeling of fulfillment that I receive after each event we organize. Seeing those inspired women and then receiving messages from them with lots of appreciation for our work, as well as how we created the impact on her life, is so rewarding.
Arzu Aghazamanova
Baku City Director
Each WoWoman chapter is led by one person who serves as "City-Director". The first person who opens the chapter is called Founding City Director. She is responsible for running WoWoman chapter, representing it in her city by leading a team and organizing a minimum of 1 event every 2 months.

Note: We do not exclude the possibility of having a "He" taking the lead over WoWoman's mission.
Main Responsibilities
  • Securing a venue
  • Finding a speaker that relates to our WoWoman themes
  • Finding partners to cover the event's possible costs
  • Recruiting and leading the Chapter team
  • Marketing for the event
  • Serving as the main point of contact for HQ
WoWoman Themes
  • "WoWoman in Me
  • Dreams
  • Doing the "impossible""
  • Education
  • Career
  • Confidence
  • Fears / Challenges / Failures
  • Leadership
  • Being Entrepreneurial
  • Design / Creative thinking
  • Networking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Wellbeing / Mindfulness
  • Mentorship
  • Relationships
Top 3 main qualities
we look for in a City Founding-Director
You are good at Making Things Happen
We believe in "You can have results or excuses, but not both". We think you've got what we mean ;)
You are Proactive, Flexible and Self - Managed
We will be definitely assisting you within the process, but, for a City- Director role we need a person who can fully take charge. Flexibility and solution orientation is an important competency we look for into the people who will respire WoWoman in their city.
You are Impact and mission-driven person
Of course, nothing happens without passion, dedication and a positive attitude towards the Dream. If you also ask yourself "How can You make this world more Awesome?" If you also get energy and fulfillment from Giving, Impacting and Empowering those around you, then WE WANT YOU :)
If you are Crazily in Love with WoWoman's idea,then nothing can stop you! Trust me, nothing!

Olea Cegorean
Lahore Founding City Director
8 Reasons to APPLY
for WoWoman Founding City Director
Striving for impact & growth
Whether you are in a "Study, Work, Home, Sleep, Repeat" cycle, or enjoying the vibrant and adventures life, you are still looking for Adrenaline and Excitement of building something up from zero and bringing impact to your community
Being a part of the global
By being a part of WoWoman fast growing community, you will have the chance to work closely with women from across the globe, who are all very different and unique, but have the same positive energy, excitement and passion as you do
Expand your network, grow your Social Capital
Through establishing the city chapter, you will not only have the access to industry events, local meetups and build your professional contacts with like-minded professionals, but this can go a long way when looking for recommendations or new career opportunities
There is a desire to be
"Be a Part of It All"
Applying for Founding City-Director is a unique experience to help build something and be part of its growth from the very beginning. This means living the high highs, low lows, and everything in between.
Professional Growth
To open a WoWoman chapter in your city is like joining a startup. It is a great place to build upon your existing skill sets, gain experiences in many functional areas, and take on a ton of responsibility. As the organization is growing quickly, so will your opportunities for career advancement.
Personal Growth
Strengthen your team-playing abilities as well as your self-sufficiency. Get the most out of the experience and develop your social skills by wearing many "hats" and making important decisions.
Job Variety
The challenges and opportunities of WoWoman platform constantly change which means you are forced to adopt new skills, take on new projects and will never be bound to a dull, boring routine. This is a lot different than working at a larger and already established organization or a company.
Connection and Inspiration
Help your potential and superpowers flourish, by creating the environment for yourself and others, where every month you can meet, learn and be inspired by the amazing speakers and individuals in your city. WoWoman City-Directors are entrepreneurial. Not only that, you will yourself begin to approach challenges differently, be it in any domain – work, life, etc., but who knows, the entrepreneurial bug might just bite you, and a year later you might launch your very own idea ;)
Are you ready to start your chapter?
World Youth Award
Global Entrepreneurship Summit
MIT Bootcamp
Winner of U.S Embassy grant
Founder's Story
TEDx talk: How to convert your fears into drive
Zara Huseynova

Zara Huseynova is sharing her story about why and how she has founded WoWoman and ALZA boutiques. She founded ALZA at the age of 18 with a budget of just 200 Dollars and 2,5 years ago the 21 year old went on to found WoWoman in Baku/Azerbaijan, a woman empowerment platform that now involves a team of 50+ woman and is expanding internationally
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