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Calling all sports players and all players who never got the chance.
We want to break the barrier, which prevents girls from taking an active part in sports because it's deemed a masculine activity.
WoWoman Lahore is having an event, #BreakingBarriers, on the 6th of May which is aiming to motivate girls towards sports.
#BreakingBarriers is one such event, which will be focusing on women in sports.
Komal Feroze, is a highly educated female who has a double masters in Business Studies and Physical education. However, her sports career is even more impressive. She is a national player for Pakistan's favourite sport, Cricket. Komal was selected to represent Pakistan in Japan and Hong Kong. She represented Kinnaird College in cricket for 7 years. She was awarded best player at the U19 region in 2009 and is also the first U19 woman to score a century in Pakistan. She was the captain of the team for the Lahore board in 2007.

Hadeel Niazi, plays various sports such as Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Rugby and Softball for which she took part in tournaments where she represented her college and also won several medals. On a more recent occasion, Hadeel was a part of the Punjab Netball team in the nationals held in March 2017 where she won a silver medal.

Shayyan Nida Haque, She has represented her schools as the Captain of the Football team in LGS Defence and the Learning Alliance. Shayyan is also the Football captain at the prestigious Model Town Club. At this early age she has represented Pakistan in Football at various countries such as Bahrain and Bhutan.

Waseem Tai, our only male speaker is the pioneer of Yoga, Taibout, Wing Chun and Ninja in Pakistan. Known as Grandmaster W. A. Tai, he has 35 years of teaching experience and has promoted the non-commercial use of Karate in Pakistan, especially for young children who work in the morning and rather than engaging in bad habits during the evening, they can engage in this healthy game.
Key information
6 мая 2017 г. в 15:00
Event will be in english/azeri language
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Participation is free, but registration is needed
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