WoWoman is a women empowerment platform, which creates space and tools for women
to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have

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Who we are & how we make it happen
Please see the feedbacks from our participants, trainers, detailed information about each of the sectors below and much more on our website
Sponsorship & Partnership
Monthly events (during the year)
  • 2000+ participants
  • High social media reach

Be present on the event with your stand / products / promotional materials online and offline
Online community
(Facebook group)
  • 25000+ members
  • 31.000+ views of online webinars
  • 44 % 18-24 age group, 39 % 25-34 age group
Sponsor a series of educational posts, deliver a webinar, add your visuals on our weekly posts / cover, promote your product with giveaways
Advertisement on Social Media
  • 18-35 women audience
  • 4500 daily organic reach on FB( Nov 2017 )
  • Strong brand representation
How can you join?

Get ad placement as a post, on cover photo, pinned posts and so on
General sponsorships
Become one of the Main WoWoman partners and get to benefit from all of the above proposals
  • Present on all of the events
  • All programs and projects
  • Social media
  • Newsletter base
  • Online community group
Choose your sponsorship package
The starting package
  • 1 monthly events
  • 1 months online community access ( 4 posts + 1 webinars )
  • 3 social media posts (facebook page + instagram )
  • WoWoman Planners 20% OFF
Request the price
The full presence of your brand and the most effective option
  • 10 All year monthly events
  • 10 newsletters
  • 3 months online community access ( 12 posts + 3 webinars )
  • 10 social media posts (facebook page + instagram )
  • WoWoman Planners 40% OFF
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Monthly event
6 events for Silver & 12 events for Gold
10K reach for each event
Discount to participants 20%
Influencer as a facilitator
Newsletter to 25.000
Competition & Closing ceremony
Video review of HBR
Separate 12 posts with Book reviews on 4 channels
Choose a specific project from the proposed below or request a special one based on your needs
Some details about Programs & Projects
2018 projects / events timeline
12 monthly events
Type: Event
Dates: January 2018 - 2019
PR Intensive Workshops
Type: 2 days Intense Program
Dates: January 2018
Online presence
Type: Weekly
WoWoman 3 Years Anniversary
Type: Event
Audience: Sponsors, Partners, Media, Alumnies, Special Guests
February 2018
Tech-Tech Xanim - IT course
Type: Program
Dates: 4 times in 2018
Type: 1 day event
Dates: March 2018
Exclusive Business Course Intensive
Type: Workshop
Audience: Middle Managers
Dates: March 2018
HR Academy 3rd edition
Type: Program
Dates: April 2018
Digital Marketing Academy 3rd edition
Type: Course
Dates: TBD
WoWoman In Me 2nd edition
Type: Intense Self-development and Mentorship Program
Dates: May 2018
Project Management course
Type: Program
Dates: 2 times a year
Active Summer 2nd edition
Type: Workshops
Dates: June - August 2018
Cinematography and Blogging 2nd edition
Type: Program
Dates: TBD
Tea Talks
Type: Event
Dates: every 2nd month
What do you get as WoWoman Partner?
Brand awareness and reputation impact
Marketing and CSR meet together. Opportunity to massively expose yourself to the target audience and at the same time show social responsibility, which is so important in today's business world and wins clients and employees loyalty
Big audience and different ways to deliver your message to them
18.000+ Facebook group members, 20.000+ base of contacts , high organic reach on social media, partnerships with most of the main media channels of the country
Impact that you create in the country
Promote your products, your brand and at the same time create real social impact on girls and women of Azerbaijan
Work with experienced team and the brand that people love and trust
We have been on the market for the last 3 years and showed amazing results with limited resources. We have a team of professionals, who truly care and love what they do
Summary of all options
Please request the price for all via email
Monthly events
  • 1 event
  • pack of 5 events
  • pack of 10 events
Online Community
  • 1 post
  • 1 webinar
  • 1 giveaway
  • 4 posts
  • 4 posts + webinar + giveaway ( 1 month package )
  • 3 month package
  • 6 month packag
Projects & Programs
  • Anniversary
  • WoWoman in Me
  • IT courses
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing / PR
  • Soft skills
  • Project Management
  • Active Summer
  • Marathon
  • Blogging
  • Specifically for you
Advertisement on Social Media
  • 1 post on facebook + story
  • 1 post on instagram + story
  • pack of 3 posts on each ( fb + instagram + stories )
  • pack of 12 posts on each ( fb + instagram + stories )
  • 1 newsletter
  • pack of 3 newsletters
  • pack of 10 newsletters
WoWoman Planners
  • 1 pcs
  • 5 pcs
  • 30 pcs
  • 100 pcs
  • 200+ pcs
How to Become WoWoman Partner
Step 1
Check this webpage as well as our website to better understand the opportunities available
Step 2
Have a meeting with our representatives to ask all the questions and get feedback on what could works best for your case
Step 3
Confirm the specific selection that you did for the upcoming period, agree on budgets and sign the contract
Step 4
Start awesome work together with us and create impact along the way :)
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