is a global women empowerment platform, which creates space and tools for women to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have.
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Discovering "Wowoman In me"
is a unique event, which is designed to give women confidence, community & tangible tools in learning to become proactive leaders with entrepreneurial mindset in their daily lives and professional careers.

It's a mini version of WoWoman's
5 weeks long program
What is in there?
180 minutes
of interactive exercises, all based on Facilitation and Design Thinking method
Network of like minded women
meet and get to know like minded women through guided networking activities, to have fun and build long term relationships
Invited speaker
listen to inspirational story, as well as all of the f*ck ups of it
Celebration of yourself
don't come with any specific expectations, just be in the moment and enjoy it
Let's get even more specific
Great way to spend the first part of your Sunday, in a community of like-minded women, which dare to dream big, live up to their full potential and enjoy the process itself
Guided Networking to build strong bonds
Defining your fears and setting 3 months goals
Tools to help you work your habits
Tools to get you in a "flow" at any given moment
Creation of an Anchor
Defining your support system
And SPEAKER's personal lessons & story
Your Speaker & Facilitator
We are excited to let you know that this time the Founder of WoWoman,
will deliver this event program herself
Zara has built her first business at the age of 18 with $200 budget and got it to $1.5M revenues without any outside investments
At 21 launched social enterprise - WoWoman, through programs of which went over 7.000 participants and was represented in such kind of places like Harvard, Stanford and MIT Universities, on Global Entrepreneurship Summit, TEDx in Germany, Latitude59 in Estonia and so on
5 times National champion in Ballroom Dancing.
25 years old, traveling constantly and managing both businesses remotely
Key information
10 June 2017 / 11:00
Deadline for application is
8 June / 20:00
Event will be in english language
Holiday Inn Baku
How much?
Thank to our partners, we bring it to you
Event is based on personal experiences from dozens of conferences, events and trainings, including from Harvard, Stanford, MIT Universities, University of Massachusetts, TED conferences, AIESEC, Arc and many others.

Zara Huseynova
Founder / CEO
Who is this program for?
Students or/and in the early professional careers
Intermediate and higher level of English
Ready to learn, grow and then share their experience
Willing to get out of their comfort zones and go for the dreams, while still having fun
Are you ready?
We are ready to give you confidence, community & tangible tools in learning to become a proactive leader with entrepreneurial mindset in your daily life and professional career. Are you?
Come to the event and get the chance to become the next facilitator and WoWoman Ambassador in your city
Global Expansion
Put your city on the map & Empower women to follow their coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have.

Over 7000 women have enriched their lives through WoWoman programs & events. In order to bring this opportunity closer to every single woman around the world, WoWoman invites you to join our fast growing global movement and become a WoWoman Ambassador!
Meet our team
Zara Huseynova
Founder / CEO
Arzu Aghazamanova
City Director / Project Manager
Kamala Ismayilova
Media Relations
Lamiya Korchiyeva
Maryam Majidova
Baba Aghayev
Fidan Ibrahimzadeh
Event Coordinator
Turkana Idayat
Event Coordinator
Zara Huseynova
Founder's Story
TEDx talk: How to convert your fears into drive
TEDx talk: How to convert your fears into drive
Zara Huseynova

Zara Huseynova is sharing her story about why and how she has founded WoWoman and ALZA boutiques. She founded ALZA at the age of 18 with a budget of just $200 and bootstrapped it to $1.5M in revenues. 3,5 years ago the 21 year old went on to found WoWoman, which has know become a global woman empowerment platform that involves a team of 50+ woman and is expanding internationally
Featured partners
US embassy
Women Digital Academy with Google
Makemebetter! mentorship program
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