WoWoman & Evimiz Partnership
Boosting your sales
Boosting your
brand awareness
Boosting your impact
Boosting employer branding
WoWoman in numbers
followers on social media
online community members
team members
international awards
Over 50% of our Target Audience are at the age of 25 -44, young working women, making decisions for where to get things for their homes
Channels to reach them
2000+ participants
at the EVENTS
  • 2000+ participants
  • High social media reach
2000+ EVENT participants
Facebook group of 25K+ members
  • 25000+ members
  • 31.000+ views of online webinars
  • 40 % 18-24 age group
  • 42 % 25-34 age group
  • 10 % 35 - 44 age group
25K+ group members
25K+ email & phone number base
Loyal audience which loves our emails and always waiting for new updates
70K+ social
media reach
  • Up to 10.000 reach for each event
  • Strong brand representation
70K+ SM reach
Showcasing your products write in the city center of Baku
WoWoman Space will be located in AF mall, on Samad Vurgun 34 str

Main partners for 2019
Special barter conditions for EVIMIZ
+ with focus on SALES
This is what you get
12 all year monthly events as a Gold Sponsor
Coupons given to over 2000+ participants
10 newsletters with events and coupon codes to 25K base
12 posts on social media
2 LIVE with influencers from our space wit your furniture & 1 LIVEs with WoWoman team in your shop

#evimiz hashtag use for all photos from the space
Big launch with your name in Media support
Evimiz becoming Gold partner for 1.5 years

Being positioned as the main destination for furniture for all of the WoWoman

Goal will be to have Evimiz as the first and main destination for all, as soon as they need furniture for their
appartments, homes or even offices

To create the loyalty for a brand which cares about them and invests into their education and well being
50.000 azn worth of furniture ( retail price )
These are not just nice numbers
They tackle different
spheres of your business
Employer branding - HR
Team makes or breaks the company. Have an access to networking and job postings, to recruit the necessary talent for your team
Brand loyalty - PR
get associated with a brand which cares about not only sales, but also socially responsible and invests in the education and well being of the nation
Impact created - CSR
Be a part of creating a unique space for women development in Azerbaijan
brand awareness. impact.
1.5 years of sponsorship
And this is not just another sponsorship
This is your opportunity to contribute to the development of women and girls in Azerbaijan. To have your products directly serving them in the place, where they will be getting education and inspiration to create the lives that they deserve and dream about

This is not just 2000 participants, these are 2000 lives impacted, 2000 women educated and inspired. And as the proverb goes:
Educate a woman, and you educate a family,
you create the future
Ready to create an impact?
Evimiz & wowoman
Looking forward to see you among our main partners for 2019
And a few more points to give you a general feeling of who we are and what we do

See below WoWoman Founder's speech at One Young World Summit, sharing the story and getting standing ovation
1800+ participants from 193 countries and speakers like the Queen of the Netherlands, Nobel Prize winner Tawakkol Carman, Professor Mohammad Yunus, Twitter co-founder, CEO of Unilever's CEO Paul Polman, CEO of Deloitte UK David Sproul, Sir Bob Geldof, Chief Executive Officer of Hague, Pauline Crikke, Rossana Burgos Eh Bee Family met in the Hague and talked about peace and justice. Zara Huseynova, WoWoman Founder was the first Azerbaijani speaker on the summit and shared our story with the world.

Watch her speech, which has received a Standing Ovation, below:
And Facebook choose us to be in the top 100 Communities from around the world and provides network, one year of education and funding to help us grow community further.

With their, a few local sponsors and potentially Evimiz sponsorship, we will build the WoWoman Space
First meet up has happened already in Facebook HQ in Menlo park.
Additionally have been working with
Media partners