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"The Atlas of Beauty" Founder Mihaela Noroc

As WoWoman platform, which stands for helping women follow their "impossible" dreams, we are thrilled to have The Founder of "Atlas of Beauty" Mihaela Noroc as our guest.
Mihaela Noroc
Photographer, Author of "The Atlas of Beauty" project
I'm Mihaela Noroc the author of this photo series. In 2013, dissatisfied with my job and my living, I decided to quit my monotonous life and put all my efforts into my biggest passions: photography and travel. I started a journey around the world with small savings I made in years of working. I was traveling on a low budget, photographing women from very diverse environments and sharing their portraits on Facebook.

I named my project "The Atlas of Beauty" because I wanted to celebrate women from all corners of the planet and their diverse cultures.

Through my photography, I try to show that beauty is in our differences, and it's not about trends, money or races, but more about being yourself, natural and authentic. I think we should learn to be ourselves but we should also learn to let others be themselves.

I never imagined that the voice of an ordinary woman from Romania could be heard all around the world or that my photos would be seen by millions of people. If my dream could come true, any dream can come true.
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7 июля 2016 г. в 13:00
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