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In just 5 months we've created a strong community of over 20.000 members, who now can have access to dozens of webinars and most importantly can communicate and create together. Incredible, literally life changing stories have already emerged from this group.

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Welcome to WoWoman Global Community group
WoWoman is a global women empowerment platform, which creates the space and tools for woman to Dare to follow the coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have, Live up to their full potential and most importantly, Enjoy the journey itself.
This group is Dream, Dare, Grow, Connect and Inspire each other, to have a space full of support, guidance, and confidence.
We will be covering topics such as:
WoWoman in You
Dreams / Doing the "impossible"
Fears / Challenges / Failures
Confidence / Leadership / Being Entrepreneurial
Design / Creative thinking
Networking / Mentorship / Relationships
Well being / Mindfulness
Emotional Intelligence
Work-Life balance
Helpful Community
Daily Motivation
Online Webinars
Stories from Online Community
WoWoman group members
I have self-organized FREE online and offline language courses where girls, who meet each other via WoWoman community study, practice and provide support to each other to improve our foreign language skills.
Girl from Community
I have decided to end my abusive marriage, took children and moved to Baku, where I gave myself a second chance. I will be now studying in university and plan to be a teacher. Thanks to WoWoman group, I now know that I'm not alone and that I deserve more.
WoWoman group members
Thank you so much for organizing all those webinars every week with such inspiring speakers. I am watching every single video until the end, and I have already learned so much. I started using online education much more and thanks to WoWoman have finished already 5 courses on Coursera with certification.
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