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Many of you have heard and seen WoWoman work, but what we have realized recently, is that most of you don't know that almost everything was done with personal finances and we have been volunteering our time all of this period. We are super grateful for the support that you give us! And as so many of you have asked us how can you contribute and join our movement, we have created a product which you can use yourself to help you get to your goals and dreams, which you can gift to your mother, sister, a friend, a colleague, and with which you can contribute to our development ♥

But along with a planner, lower you can see what we have done already, what are our plans for the upcoming year and you can directly contribute to the realization of these goals by supporting us with any amount of finances.

WoWoman Team
We are proud to present you our results and what impact we have created until now with almost 0 budget and with a passionate team of volunteers
6 750
20 000
community members
BIG PLANS for 2018
In 2018 we want to spread our reach even further and create FREE educational opportunities for girls AND boys
Schools & universities in Baku
Regions of Azerbaijan
Expansion internationally
Support WoWoman &
Get a Digital Planner
Every azn matters! If you want to contribute as little as a price of just one cup of coffee, or as much as 10, 15, 50, 100, 200 or 500 azn for example, do so and get a BIG THANK YOU from us and a Digital version of WoWoman Planner *
*PDF in your email or if the amount is bigger than 30 azn, and you want the real planner, we will send it to you :)

Create more educational opportunities for girls and women in Azerbaijan
Thank you for being a part of WoWoman movement!
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