is a women empowerment platform, which creates space and tools for women to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most "impossible" dreams they have.

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I believe that being part of WoWoman movement has been one of the essential moments in my life. It's my secret tool to personal growth and achieving my goals. After this program I got super motivated and brave enough to make some fateful decisions in my life.
Nazira Teymurova
"Fundamentals of Happiness" program participant
Wow, I haven't even noticed how these 3 hours flown.
This event was a real discovery to me and now I'm working on my own project based on learned essentials. It is great to have WoWoman platform in Azerbaijan and I would like to thank the team for creating such a great community.
Konul Mammadli
"Essentials of Project Management and Problem Solving" program participant
I'm an IT teacher in Quba, but to improve my skills and to be able to teach my students better, I moved to Baku, I rented an apparment and I took part in Tech Tech xanim summer school. I will make sure that this course has helped not only myself, but also to dozens of my students, to whom I will be passing the knowledge.
Lala Hasanova
"Tech Tech Xanim" coding summer school participant
It was my first event with WoWoman after project #Qorxmasaydım and I was amazed by all the energy coming from both trainers and participants, by their willingness to get out of their comfort zones and by how strong WoWoman's voice is in the country. The impact on girls' confidence after WoWoman programs and events is incredible.
Turana Huseynli
"Entrepreneurial mindset" program participant

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Mihaela Noroc
Founder of "Atlas of Beauty
Bucharest, Romania
WoWoman is on such an important and challenging mission and it was amazing meeting your community in person. Keep empowering!
Kamran Aghayev
Head of Database Administration at Azercell, Oracle specialist
Baku, Azerbaijan
What I love most about WoWoman is that they don't just talk about women empowerment and education, but they actually make things happen. Creating real impact one city, one event, one program, one life at a time. Grateful for having a chance to contribute and share my knowledge with their community.

Tatyana Kanzaveli
Founder Open Health Network /
500 start ups mentor
Silicon Valley, USA
It was so pleasant and easy to work with WoWoman. The team is very professional and passionate about their work, which can be seen from the quality of events & programs that they organize. Beautiful work, love being part of this!
Zara Huseynova
Founder's Story
TEDx talk: How to convert your fears into drive
TEDx talk: How to convert your fears into drive
Zara Huseynova

Zara Huseynova is sharing her story about why and how she has founded WoWoman and ALZA boutiques. She founded ALZA at the age of 18 with a budget of just 200 Dollars and 2,5 years ago the 21 year old went on to found WoWoman in Baku/Azerbaijan, a woman empowerment platform that now involves a team of 50+ woman and is expanding internationally
Arzu Aghazamanova
Chief Executive Officer of WoWoman Azerbaijan
I am proud to say that throughout these years WoWoman has developed trust with government, civil and individual stakeholders while upgrading the status of women, respecting the agency of the women to act in solidarity with local women's goals and initiatives aiming to uplift women's economic freedoms.

All of this led to recognition of WoWoman as one of the top 100 communities by Facebook, Forbes 30 under 30 and One Young World global entities.
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